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iTRAQ is a project to develop a dynamic traffic management system for optimising use of the road network whilst meeting growing demands to sustain high standards of air quality in urban environments. This part of the project is stage one: a one year feasibility study to develop a system concept around an existing operational traffic control system in use in the City of Leicester, augmented with traffic flow and air quality information and near real-time data from space and in situ measurements.

This page shows the near-real time datafeeds providing the iTRAQ system with information on which to optimise the road network. During 2011, the system is being operated to optimise 2 junctions along London Road, shown below. The proposed traffic light sequencing for these junctions for the current hour are shown at the bottom of the page.
The Road Junctions being optimised under the iTRAQ project The Air Quality Monitoring van by Junction 1 (London Road, Evington Road)
Road Junctions in Region of interest AQ van by London Road
A typical scene on Victoria Park, very close to junction 1, and subject to common air quality issues. Monitoring loops used to collect traffic flow data throughout Leicester
Victoria Park Traffic flow loops


Near-real time data feeds for the iTRAQ system
Satellite Air Quality data (updated around 4pm daily) Modelled Air Quality over the United Kingdom (updated hourly)
OMI NO2 data MACC AQ data
Modelled air quality data over Leicester (updated hourly) Air Quality data from the van parked at Junction 1.(Nitrogen Dioxide in ppb)
Nitrogen dioxide over Leicester, as modelled by the AirViro model Air Quality van data


The iTRAQ system produces recommendations on an hourly basis, for the traffic light timings at each junction. The system predicts the improvements in Air Quality and traffic flow which would be produced by these settings. When the full iTRAQ system is implemented, such advice could assist centralised decisions for traffic control at Leicester City Council.


Recommended traffic light timings for Junction 1, produced by the iTRAQ system.
Junction 1 output
What the Stages represent
Stages Illustrated
Junction Number Resulting Traffic flow, delay and air quality changes due to recommendations
Junction 1 output Junction 1 output